Apply For 六年级 College Or Pre-University

年12 - 13

Your Journey To A Prestigious University Starts With A Great College Education

在英国,the 六年级 or 大学预科班 level is an essential gateway into tertiary education and prestigious UK universities.

The common options of courses for 六年级 in the UK include 高级水平国际学士学位 and various Foundation programs offered by colleges and boarding schools in the UK.



If your goal is to get into one of the Oxbridge universities, you should take the A-Levels course or 国际学士学位 Diploma. The A-Levels qualification is a globally recognized course which helps you get into many prestigious universities.

Many universities have minimum qualifications for entry and should be taken into account before you choose a college/大学预科班 course.

另一种选择是 国际学士学位 Diploma (IB Diploma) in which students will study a wide range of subjects to prepare them for a university degree. 

IB Diploma students must choose 3 Higher Level subjects and 3 Standard Level subjects from each of the 6 compulsory core areas: Language & Literature, Language Acquisition, Sciences, Maths, Social Sciences, and the Arts.

最后, we have the Foundation programme offered by many Colleges which are designed with the goal to help you get into specific universities.

Here are things to consider when choosing a 大学预科班 course:

  • 学校及课程费用
  • 学校排名(高级水平 & IB)
  • 准入要求
  • 外部审核
  • 住宿的选择
  • 学生服务
  • 课外活动
  • 班级规模
  • 男女同校或单性别
  • Partnerships or Pathways with Universities

We’ve written extensive reviews on some of the top UK boarding schools and colleges to make your research easier.

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